Anne Samat

Anne Samat (b. 1973, Malaysia) is a fibre textile artist who graduated in 1995 from Mara Institute of Technology, in Malaysia. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Art and Design (textile design) with a major in Weaving and a minor in Print and Resist. Anne is the first prize winner in the PNB/ National Art Gallery of Malaysia Contemporary Young Artist competition held in 1997. She was also selected by the National Art Gallery to represent Malaysia at the International Art and Craft Fair in Bangkok in 1999. Known to inject traditional Malaysian woven techniques and decorative designs with contemporary aesthetics and conceptual ideas, Anne’s work addresses issues of identity and nationhood by pushing the boundaries of weaving techniques infused with everyday materials.

  Anne Samat

Art Central 2017, Hong Kong

21 - 25 March 2017

Art Central 2017
Booth C1
Central Harbourfront,
No.9, Lung Wo Rd,
Central, Hong Kong

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