Widi Pangestu

Widi Pangestu Sugiono (b. 1993, Bandung, Indonesia) specializes in creating abstract three-dimensional works using paper as his primary medium. His sculptures, crafted using traditional paper-making techniques, showcase the material’s textures and are renowned for their simplicity and precision. For Widi, each handmade piece of paper represents a dialogue between humans and nature, serving as both documentation and physical evidence of this interaction.

With several solo exhibitions under his belt, including “Making Sense of Sense-Making” at Ace House (2021) and “Everything In Between” at Indonesia Contemporary Art Network (ICAN) (2017), and participation in group exhibitions like “Beyond Painting” at Mizuma Gallery Singapore (2022) and “Formless” at Semarang Gallery (2022), he was also a finalist in the 39th UOB Painting of the Year Professional category in 2019.

Widi is currently based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

  Widi Pangestu

Widi Pangestu Sugiono; The First Recipient of the Artist Residency Program RKFA X Blue Art Center

1 April - 27 June 2023

The Blue Art Center, Siem Reap, Cambodia (April)
Natee Utarit's Studio, Bangkok, Thailand (May)
The Private Museum, Singapore (June)

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