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Chang Yoong Chia and Justin Lim in “Asia Young 36” at Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Korea

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“Asia Young 36”, Asia Modern Art Exhibition 2016, is an international exhibition that advocates the avant garde-ness, dynamism, and experimental nature of art. The exhibition is opening doors for 36 young artists from 14 Asian countries to use their art and fulfill their potential. It sheds light on various social issues plaguing Asia today with modern art. Meanwhile, the five day international exchange workshop gives participants a chance to share a wide spectrum of problems in Asia. Key figures in the art world including artists, curators, and critics interact with one another to build a consensus at the workshop and offer new values and discourse that the Korean art world must aim for. Jeonbuk Museum of Art expects the international exhibition and the workshop to become a hub of modern art in Asia. Also, the event is a special exhibition worth noting as a specialization strategy for stimulating local art and public or national art galleries.

 Asia Young 36

Asia Young 36

2 September – 27 November 2016

Jeonbuk Museum of Art,
Moaksan-gil 111-6 Gui-myeon,
Wanju-gun, Jeonbuk

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