Faizal Yunus – Concurrence of Chances

As part of the MEAA Winner Showcase 2021, Faizal Yunus presented his fourth solo exhibition titled Concurrence of Chances at the HOM (House of Matahati) Art Trans space in Jalan Cempaka 16, Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia.

The exhibition combined 18 works into three segments; paintings, sculptures and drawings – which come together as a show of Yunus’ experimental and multimedia processes shaped by experience, memory and automation that hinge on experimental and multimedia processes. He favours repetitious and ambiguous formation while deliberately relying on “chances” and spontaneity to take place in the making, allowing the automation of creative impulses to dictate his artistic output.

Faizal’s works appear to be courting self-reflexivity, almost devoid of content, with their relatively dynamic compositions, monotonous colour palettes and tendency to reiterate patterns as a gestural mark. Deploying stencils and industrial paints, Faizal further alludes to a notion of “anti-form”, emphasizing the physical correlation of artistic objects, processes, and media with the actual world. By exposing in the finished artwork how art comes

into being – how materials behave and procedures are undertaken – Faizal disclosed art’s dependence on the conditions of its facture, the context of its making, and the ideological aspects of its production and reception.
Concurrence of Chances, as the title suggests, is simultaneously hinged on the properties of materials, visualizing their intrinsic conduct and behaviour in the act of making. This suggests emancipation, a lifting of ideological weight in favour of esoteric and sensual, yet a vague note of novelty persists.

  Faizal Yunus – Concurrence of Chances

Faizal Yunus – Concurrence of Chances

22 June - 2 July 2022

HOM Art Trans
6A, Jalan Cempaka 16,
Taman Cempaka,
68000 Ampang Selangor,

Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 6pm
Sunday & Monday, By Appointment Only
Closed on Public Holidays