Htein Lin – Reincarceration (Curated by Louis Ho)

Richard Koh Fine Art (RKFA) is proud to present “Reincarceration”, a compelling exhibition by acclaimed Burmese artist Htein Lin. Curated by independent curator and critic Louis Ho, the exhibition delves into the profound and enduring struggle for liberty and human rights in Myanmar, reflecting the artist’s journey of resilience and resistance.

Reincarceration” returns to the nucleus of Htein Lin’s vision: the pernicious operations of state-sponsored power, and the myriad ways in which individuals survive its depredations. In 2022, the Myanmar artist found himself back in prison, this time as collateral damage in the military government’s targeting of his wife, Vicky Bowman, a former British ambassador to the country working to promote responsible business. Both were sentenced to a year for alleged immigration offenses. Released after three months, Htein Lin’s most recent incarceration follows his early experiences as a political prisoner in the late 1990s when he spent more than six years behind bars. The present show, composed of works spanning the decades between the two periods, is a reflection of the broader struggle for liberty and human rights in Myanmar, the travails of a lone individual speaking to the collective tribulations of his people in the wake of the military coup in 2021.

Reincarceration” is a poignant testament to Htein Lin’s enduring commitment to bearing witness and giving voice to the struggles of his homeland. Through this exhibition, visitors will be invited to engage with a powerful narrative of resilience, resistance, and the universal pursuit of freedom.



Htein Lin (b.1966, Myanmar) is a multi-talented Burmese artist, known for his prowess in painting, installation, and performance art. Additionally, he is a curator, writer, comedian, and actor. His works are featured in prestigious museums and private collections around the world, including M+ contemporary art museum in Hong Kong, ICRC Museum in Geneva, and Singapore Art Museum, among others. Notably, two of Htein Lin’s paintings on cloth were acquired for the US Embassy in Yangon, underscoring the global significance of his artistic voice. With a practice rooted in daily vipassana meditation, Htein Lin incorporates Buddhism’s themes, stories, and philosophy into his art, providing a profound and contemplative dimension to his work.


Louis Ho is an esteemed independent curator and critic, recognized for his insightful contributions to the field of visual arts. Trained in art history, Ho’s expertise lies in Southeast Asian visual culture and the nuanced intersections between art and society. His extensive experience includes lecturing at the National Institute of Education and notable roles at the Singapore Art Museum, where he curated influential exhibitions that explored the evolving narratives of contemporary Asian art.

  Htein Lin – Reincarceration (Curated by Louis Ho)

Htein Lin – Reincarceration (Curated by Louis Ho)

13 - 27 January 2024
(Extended till 3 February 2024)

Richard Koh Fine Art,
Blk 47 Malan Rd, #01-26 Gillman Barracks,
Singapore 109444

Open Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am - 7 pm
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Htein Lin – Reincarceration

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