James Seet – re:sonance


re:sonance, the first ceramic-inspired musical instrument Exhibition and Performance that will be showcased to the Malaysian public at APW Bangsar, 29 Jalan Riong, Bangsar from 26 February to 13 March starting at 10am. Local artist, James Seet, creates musical instruments made from the earth/clay to bring healing through the arts. This public art event is supported by the strategic partners of PRISMA, MyCreative Ventures and CENDANA.


I work with clay as it requires me to work with my hands and it’s a way for me to reconnect with the earth and ground me with its healing and regenerative vibrations. I can touch, see, feel, and can almost taste it” said James.

He has created 20 pieces of work to be displayed and performed, each bearing interesting markings on the clay surface, using carbon trapping technique with organic matter and minerals as well as some with glazes mixed with wood ash. The results are patterns resembling clouds, plants, flowers and even the nebula. Each smoke-fired piece is a unique record of collaboration between heat, chemistry with creativity and incorporated the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth in the concept of harmony.

The works are wind and percussion instruments. They are made to creates unique sounds when played. It is designed as a form of sound healing therapy. This is an exhibition and performance event involving sensorial outputs that is visual, auditory and tactile. The main invited collaborator to perform is with Haba, which is an independent music group by Thong and Kent Lee. They will explore the sounds with the work. Artists of different disciplines from dancers to classical guitarist, Chinese traditional flutist to vocal and visual artists are invited to interact and engage with intervention when re:sonance is performed. The artists are: Aiwei Foo, Blue Monk, Buddha Beat, FrhythmS Percussion, Teebai, Winnie Xuan and YSTang,

During weekdays and weekend, ceramic workshops will be conducted for the public to participate and create an art piece. They will be fired and installed on a wall art installation at a future date. The public can then find their work among others as a form of re:sonance.



James Seet (b.1970, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) is a rising name in the Malaysian arts scene with public art and shows under his belt. He had done a floating ceramic installation on a lake in Johor attributing to the ‘Orang Laut’, commissioned by Khazanah. He has also successfully created a public art campaign for awareness against domestic violence for WAO. He is currently being represented by Richard Koh Fine Art, and creates art pieces for solos and group shows as well as corporate and private commissions. Apart from actively exhibiting locally and abroad, he is also working towards creating more installation works and public art involving social issues.

  James Seet – re:sonance

James Seet – re:sonance

26 February - 13 March 2022

29, Jalan Riong,
59100, Kuala Lumpur,

Monday - Friday, 10am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday, 10am - 10pm

James Seet