Pen Robit – Rebuilding on the Black


Richard Koh Fine Art (RKFA) is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of a Cambodian artist, Pen Robit (b. 1991), titled Rebuilding on the Black. The exhibition is scheduled to run from 29 Oct – 19 Nov 2022 at Richard Koh Fine Art Singapore, Blk 47 Malan Road, #01-26 Gillman Barracks, Singapore 109444.

The destruction left by the Khmer Rouge and years of conflict are felt across the different aspects of Cambodia, including its culture, heritage, and architecture. As Cambodia heads towards urbanization and reconstruction, Robit’s Rebuilding on the Black invites viewers to look at these efforts through a personal lens. Out of the twenty-three paintings, fourteen paintings are featured in the exhibition to highlight the peripheral areas that require restoration such as “the Education, the History and the Culture of the Kingdom.”

In his paintings, Robit constructs an imaginary metropolis by merging the different parts of Cambodian society and portraying them in geometrical shapes such as rectangles, squares, and triangles. These shapes are then filled in with the pattern of a krama – a traditional Cambodian scarf. The krama is a symbol of Cambodia’s national identity as well as a common piece of garment worn by the working class and the people in the rural areas of the country. Here, the krama is portrayed as part of the architecture, acting like a foundation that one can build upon.

As a whole, the works contain a blend between harmony and contrast, fusing colours and forms, a testament to the artist’s ways of experimentation. It is also a way for Robit to reinvent himself in these moments, allowing him to reconcile the disparity between imagination and reality.



Pen Robit (b.1991, Battambang, Cambodia) lives and works in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Robit’s work attempts to represent Cambodia’s past, present and future socio-political fabric. He draws influences from Cambodian cultural iconography as well as ongoing societal discourses.

He has been selected as an artist-in-residence for the following: OzAsia Festival (ADELAIDE) Australia (2016); Peninsula Austronesia International Art and Culture Exchanges in Taiwan (2015); The Memory Workshop with Vann Nath & Séra Ing, Bophana Center, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2009); South East Asian Workshop, Tep Seri Sok Sopha Studio, Chiang Mai, Thailand (2008). Solo exhibitions include Wings of Tomorrow (2022), Silapak Trotchaek Pneik (YK Art House) Cambodia; Out Of This World (2020), Richard Koh Fine Art, Malaysia; Beyond (2018), Tribe Cambodia, Siem Reap, Cambodia; Thread (2018), Sa Sa Art Projects, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Krama (2013), and Untitled (2012), both at Romeet Gallery, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

  Pen Robit – Rebuilding on the Black

Pen Robit – Rebuilding on the Black

29 October - 19 November 2022

Richard Koh Fine Art,
Blk 47, Malan Road,
#01-26 Gillman Barracks,
Singapore 109444

Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 7pm
Closed on Sundays, Mondays & Public Holidays

Pen Robit – Rebuilding on the Black

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