Paying homage to five different genres of Western painting, Thai artist Natee Utarit reinterprets the scenes of everyday life in his upcoming pop-up exhibition titled “Every day, Every Day I have the Blues (Everyday Life)”, which will be showcased at Richard Koh Fine Art’s spaces in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

The fourth exhibition in a five-part series of his works, Natee paints surreal images of everyday life by drawing inspiration from his studio environment during the movement controls. His paintings were also inspired by people who have crossed paths with him just before the pandemic started.

His latest works celebrates normality and provides a reminder of the things that we have lost and taken for granted before the pandemic. Using simple picture languages, Natee said he gained better appreciation of “honesty and authenticity” while working on this series.

And the artist continues to live his daily life in an uninterrupted manner as the effects of movement controls and social distancing has little impact on him. “I’m still working 12 to 16 hours a day at my studios. And I still see half of the people depicted in my paintings on a regular basis during the first wave of the pandemic.”

The physical exhibition will run from 4 – 12 June 2021  except for RKFA Kuala Lumpur, which will take place online in view of the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation in Kuala Lumpur.

Image Courtesy of RKFA and artist

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