Streaming Mountain is a solo exhibition by Malaysian artist Yeoh Choo Kuan.

The aesthetics and ideology of Chinese ink is said to be a large influence in Yeoh’s works. According to the press release, this influence stems from frequent visits to a Chinese temple in Yeoh’s neighbourhood.

A lasting memory for Yeoh, was of a book called the “Diyu” (realm of the dead in Chinese mythology). The book seemingly contained graphic illustrations that left an impression on Yeoh.

Yeoh’s observations of illustrations of “Diyu”, lead to him discovering its similarities between traditional Chinese landscape paintings; known as “Shan Shui”. The similarities inspired Yeoh to paint “Shan Shui” a judgement court throughout the works.

Rendered in black and white, the works also toy around the concept of Yin and Yang. Depicting contrasts between ascent and decay, the literati and the vulgar, pushing and tugging.

Perhaps by blending “Diyu” and “Shan Shui”, Streaming Mountain presents an extension of the artist’s imagination.