Back in KL, Richard Koh Fine Art gallery remains closed as the Malaysian art scene waits out the movement control order scenario.

Founder Richard Koh is in a contemplative mood as he observes how much the local art scene has to do to get back on the rails.

“The art industry has been in overdrive for many years, with back-to-back art fairs happening around the world. I think when this (pandemic) is over, you will see a move to recalibrate. By then, people will be used to the fact that life goes on even if you don’t visit so many art fairs, go to so many art exhibitions. Art will still be important of course, we will always need art in our lives. But I think we will be more mindful of what is meaningful to us. It is strange times we live in now but just maybe, something good can come out of it, ” says Koh.

In Malaysia, web-based works and curated online exhibitions have yet to make an impact in the art scene. Surprisingly, even younger artists and independent art collectives do not have a major social media presence. The old school first-hand experience in a gallery seems to be the preferred option.