Fendy Zakri – Seeing the Unseen

Thinking in reverse is the way or method for me to produce an artwork. Following this technique actually challenges and motivates me to make decisions without being influenced by strong foreign elements. The artworks produced will be visibly different and on their own appear alienated and this process allows for me to have a separate access of my thinking, either normally or abnormally.

My artistic vision comprises of the visual elements of line, colour, composition, space, form and texture that are set in motion by my cerebral energy, which in turn liberates the sensual experience. Fabricated raw energy is expressed through slashes of earthy colors with a savagery that challenges the subjects with force. Therefore, through sweeping strokes, harsh and brutal abstract forms are conjured.

Each piece of my work requires an intuitive and responsive approach. Creation is combination of sensual, practical and visual processes: one that challenges my preconceptions and conditioned ideas. I embrace this challenge as the processes allows me to move into new directions and accept risks. I would have to leave behind the familiar and welcome the unfamiliar. The process is unhindered by traditional formulas and methods of composition but yet the aesthetic outcome is still my priority.

And finally, it is sometimes a difficult thing to accept that I can’t just “wing it” and the most important thing is that I need to shift my thinking. Thus I’m not painting an idea but the painting is the idea. The process does not come naturally because I am used to illustrating and associating a narrative with an image, attaching meaning to it. Now, I have to respond to the work, purely physically and emotionally.

Fendy Zakri, Early 2014

Fendy Zakri – Seeing the Unseen

Fendy Zakri – Seeing the Unseen

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