Cantum-Combine, Online Exhibition Curated by Elham Shafaei







Cantum-Combine is an online exhibition that brings together five artists from Malaysia with five international artists whose varied and distinctive works are somehow harmonious. This diverse online art show focus on the artists’ singular manner as well as their subtle articulation in the power of connection that art has in common to simultaneously inform and mislead us of their materiality, and conceptually. The notion of Cantum-Combine used for this exhibition is conceptual nature and it’s based on revealing a deeper understanding of a meaning lying just beneath the similarities on the surface. The artworks in the exhibition gesture to indicate the equivalent images-texture on surface. The show invites the viewer to examine and engage with these multifaceted and thought-provoking artworks to provide a new perspective to find the link between international contemporary art to Malaysian visual culture.

Foreseeing many of the ideas addressed in this exhibition, I sought a unique connection to pair each Malaysian artist works with one outside this geo-political, social and cultural domain. I searched for the works’ ability to infiltrate instinctively the facade of physical form and appearance, while allowing other truths and realities to surface. I had a spontaneous and dynamic approach to pair the distinct textures, forms, materials and colors that reveal the artists’ signature through their different style of works.

The sensory aspect in this process of pairings entices viewers to contemplate unseen linkages that on the surface don’t seem apparent due to their appealing quality. Thus, this exhibition tries to set forth the work of aesthesis to bring forward the sense of communication; it allows people from different cultures to communicate with each other via images in the various affects they may offer to our senses.

Cantum-Combine online exhibition accompanied by texts from well-respected art connoisseurs writing for the e-catalogue: Dr. Johan Othman (Art Professor, Malaysia) and Dr. Zoltán Somhegyi (Art Historian, Hungary).

Cantum-Combine will run at Richard Koh Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur and ContemporaryIdentities International Online art Magazine-Gallery websites; While featuring the pairings artworks from:


Haffendi Anuar’s (Malaysia) & Tilde Grynnerup (Denmark)

Minstrel Kuik (Malaysia) & Jacin Giordano (USA).

Anne Samat (Malaysia) & Joel S. Allen (USA)

Wong Perng Fey (Malaysia) & Thaier Helal (Syria-United Arab Emirates)

Faizal Yunus (Malaysia) & Maria Agureeva (Russia-USA)


Curated by Dr. Elham Shafaei (Iran-United Arab Emirates)

  Cantum-Combine, Online Exhibition Curated by Elham Shafaei

Cantum-Combine, Online Exhibition Curated by Elham Shafaei

15 September - 10 October 2020

Online Exhibition

Richard Koh Fine Art
ContemporaryIdentities International Art Magazine

Tilde Grynnerup
Jacin Giordano
Joel S. Allen
Thaier Helal
Maria Agureeva