Haffendi Anuar – Flat Lands (Curated by Tatjana LeBoff)

Photo images credited to Lucy Emms, Pedro Lima Photography and A.I. Gallery


Richard Koh Fine Art is pleased to announce Haffendi Anuar’s (b.1985, Malaysia) Flat Lands where he presents a new body of works at which reference and explore the kain pelikat, a type of colourful tubular transnational garment usually worn by men in parts of Asia. Oriented in relation to his childhood memories of encountering and being physically enveloped by the fabric, his research and exploration into the iconography of the garment encompasses personal family photos, archive images, selfies on Instagram and texts describing the Malaysian landscape. The research materials are used as stimuli in developing textile-based sculptures, paintings, mixed media collages, and works on paper which consider the contemporary context of his home country, identity, and colonial capitalism in the region.

The exhibition was held at 4 Cromwell Place (Gallery 1) from 2 – 7 Nov 2021 and at 1a Tenter Ground from 10 – 27 Nov 2021.


  Haffendi Anuar – Flat Lands (Curated by Tatjana LeBoff)

Haffendi Anuar – Flat Lands (Curated by Tatjana LeBoff)

2 - 7 November 2021

Gallery 1,
4 Cromwell Place, London,
SW7 2JE, United Kingdom

10 - 27 November 2021

1a Tenter Ground,
E1 7NH, United Kingdom

Wednesday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm
Sunday, 10am - 4pm